General information

Tensograph quality management system in the field of products development, manufacturing and distribution is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Quality control is ensured at every stage of Tensograph manufacturing process from raw material control to end products manufacturing and distribution.

Up-to-date research and testing equipment allows reaching wide range of technological goals for Unichimtek and our customers and partners.

Special rig for flange seal tests enables to carry out stress resistance testing, leakage testing, compressive creep testing and/or creep/relaxation testing conforming to EN 13555, DIN 3535-6, TA-LUFT.

The test rig for gland seals allows to determine deformation and sealing properties of stuffing box, packings conforming to ISO 15848-1:2015 and API 622.

CS-analyzer allows determination of sulfur and carbon in both organic and inorganic samples.

Electronic tensile tester measures tension, compression, flexure, tear of a wide range of materials including yarns, foils, etc, and conforms to ASTM E 83, ASTM E4, EN 10002-2 and so on.

Universal Mechanical Tester tests the mechanical and tribological properties of materials.