In 1986 applied R&D laboratory was established in the Moscow State University (MSU) with the support of USSR ministries and governmental agencies to develop new low-density carbon materials for defense and aerospace industry. 

In 1990 Research and Production Center (Company) "UNICHIMTEK’ was set up on the basis of the applied laboratory. It was the first small state enterprise, established by the Moscow State University. 

In 2000 UNICHIMTEK became Russian market leader in the development, manufacture and supply of sealing and fire protection materials based on innovative technologies of graphite intercalation for industrial equipment and facilities. Governmental energy companies like Mosenergo, Chelyabenergo, Tyumenenergo, Kirovenergo, the Chekhov Power Engineering Plant became first UNICHIMTEK customers and partners.

In 2002-2003 National technical documents and standards were developed to apply new graphite sealing and fire protection materials at heat and atomic power generation companies. 

In 2003 the R&D unit - Institute of new carbon materials and technologies (JSC «INCMAT») - was established together with MSU to intensify research and to develop new products and technologies. 

In 2012-2014 UNICHIMTEK enters the TOP 30 best innovative companies in Russia (According to TechUP rating). 

In 2016 became a participant of the priority project of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development called the "National Champions", which was the beginning for new development and expansion prospects.