About us

UNICHIMTEK has emerged as a small laboratory based on Chemistry Faculty of Moscow State University (MSU) more than 25 years ago. Since that time we have carried out tremendous effort and converted from a small lab into a big and sustainable private company that owns full-cycle production facilities and R&D Institute. Throughout sustainable development UNICHIMTEK invented a number of unique patented technologies to acquire intercalated and thermally expanded graphite.

Our technology of natural graphite purification up to 99,85% carbon content enables us to produce high quality materials with specific properties for various fields and applications. Modern enterprises of UNICHIMTEK implement a full production cycle from processing of raw materials to production of final products. There is up to 9 different technological processes within our production cycle.

Today UNICHIMTEK is a leading company in the field of research, development and manufacturing of sealing solutions AND fire-protection materials. The key to our success is constant improvement of our materials trough technologies upgrading and total quality control.

Main activities of UNICHIMTEK are sealing solutions and fire-protection materials produced under our own trademarks Tensograph® and Ograx®. The scope of our activity includes development production and distribution of polymer composite materials ITECMA.

All of UNICHIMTEK activities are based on engineering solutions of UNICHIMTEK's R&D Department - Institute of New Carbon Materials or INCMaT. Our distribution network covers the whole territory of Russia and CIS countries and rapidly spreading worldwide.

Main fields of our products application are thermal and nuclear power plants, chemical, petrochemical, power generation industries, transport engineering and construction etc Our main asset is trust of more than 8000 customers and we permanently work to ensure reliability and high-end quality, implementing client-oriented approach.